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Theracycle 100 Therapy Exercise Bike - FREE Shipping

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Theracycle 100 Therapy Exercise Bike - FREE Shipping

Boost energy, mood and circulation. Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and obesity. Exercise in the convenience of your home. There is no doubt in my mind that if i didn’t use the bike i would not be walking. Smart motor detects changes in resistance, shutting. Off within a quarter of a pedal turn if there is a problem, such as. Display panel allows you to choose a speed, and counts down to the initiation of your workout. Hall effect sensor allows you to supply all power to the pedals, then gradually provides pedal support if it detects that you are. Pedaling slower than the originally chosen speed. Adjustable leg units allow for three different stride lengths. Customized secure pedals with adjustable straps to keep feet safe and secure, even for those with no movement. Quick safety shut off button and pull cord bring the bicycle to a complete halt. Rollaway wheels for easy transportation. Wheelchair or regular chair access. Your way to better health with the use of a motor-powered, computer-monitored exercise machine in the comfort of your own home. Theracycle 100 allows those with limited mobility to exercise by. Providing either assisted or unassisted pedaling through its smart. This specially-engineered motor detects pressure and adjusts in. Providing pedaling power as necessary. The theracycle is proven to. Improve overall health for individuals with. Arthritis, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke and. Obesity with regular use. The bicycle’s intelligent computer system is simple to use, and. Gives riders the power to choose the speed and length of their workout. The assisted pedaling means that exercise with the theracycle 100 is. Gentle on joints and muscles. Also, users may operate the cycle from a. Wheelchair or standard chair, making it easier to access the pedals by. Eliminating transfers or uncomfortable mounting. Theracycle 100 is an effective way of promoting flexibility, circulation, joint movement, mood, and improved energy levels digestion. Below are a list of the disorders that the theracycle is most. Beneficial to users with the following conditions. Arthritis sufferers who use the theracycle experience improved mobility and flexibility, reduced leg stiffness, reduced fatigue, weight loss and increased energy. At first my knees were really tight, but now i can ride the theracycle for seven minutes per session at five miles per hour. My leg muscles are a lot stronger. I can tell because it is a lot easier to get up from my wheel chair and to get to my walker. The theracycle definitely is helping with my circulation - i have a lot of edema and i can see the difference in my legs which are a lot less swollen. I know it sounds funny, but the theracycle really helps with fatigue. I can be very tired and then get on the theracycle. Even after seven minutes my body gets a surge of energy. The theracycle improves circulation and mobility, reduces leg swelling and fatigue, restores strength and promotes weight loss. Diabetics who use the theracycle heal faster from diabetic ulcers than those who do not exercise. As a lifelong diabetic, i know i need exercise. I have used exercise bicycles and treadmills but i found that i couldn’t use them because of circulation problems with my feet and knees. I bought the theracycle because i saw that its motor would make it easier to exercise. It is really easy to operate and i use it two to three times a day. I’m thrilled to say i can now walk up to a half mile. Also, i had a diabetic ulcer, which healed much faster than my doctor expected. He couldn’t believe it and he is now really enthusiastic about the theracycle. The theracycle provides a safe, effective way to exercise to promote energy, flexibility, balance, mobility and motor control. Also, those who use the theracycle report improved mood. Everyone knows the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, but having ms it’s difficult to achieve them. The miraculous part of having a theracycle is you can achieve this exercise in your home. Thank you, and i will keep you up with my progress. The cycling motion increases flexibility, energy, and circulation. The theracycle is also proven to improve bladder and bowel function in those with movement disorders. I have muscular dystrophy, and can’t move from the shoulders down, but the theracycle gives me more energy, greater flexibility and better digestion. Those with spinal cord injuries can get the physical therapy they need to reduce tone and spasticity, increase flexibility and improve overall health. The rugged construction of the theracycle’s pedals ensure that the user’s legs and feet are safely secured during the workout. I used to love to exercise and i still do. It was too difficult to get to a rehab center or gym to work out so i bought my own motorized exercise bicycle. The theracycle allows anyone with a severe spinal cord injury to improve range of motion, decrease spasticity and tone, and increase flexibility. It is great to see my legs move just like they did when i was an avid bicyclist. Barry siegel (sci). Those recovering from a stroke can benefit from adding the theracycle at home workouts to their existing physical therapy routine. Stroke survivors who used the theracycle benefitted from improved motor control, mobility, energy, leg strength and overall health, and found their stiffness reduced. The theracycle has absolutely changed my life. The way it is designed with the area between the handlebars and the seat makes it is effortless to get on or off. Since the effort of the motorized pedals is adjustable, i can set the effort level to be as hard or soft as i feel up to as well as the amount of time i choose to have a bicycling session. I easily got into the schedule of doing 30 minutes a day beginning right after breakfast. The aerobic effort has made me feel so much better. And the added benefit of the serotonin rush produced has relieved the depression with which i have suffered since the stroke. An added benefit has been my ability to lose weight. It is practically impossible to get the benefits of a weight loss regimen without doing regular exercise. The theracycle has made that possible with astounding results. I lost 20 pounds the first 6 months i owned the machine. Susan slavet (stroke). Exercise may seem like a daunting task when you have a difficult time moving as a result of obesity. However, with the assistance provided by the theracycle’s motor, you can keep moving through your workout and improve your overall health. Obese individuals who used the theracycle lost weight, reduced leg edema, and increased their energy levels and muscle tone. I used to weigh close to 700 lbs. Got down to 500+ prior to bypass surgery and now weigh just under 300 lbs. The theracycle has vastly improved my quality of life. Ann looney (obesity). Product weight: 100 lbs. Power cord length: 8 feet. We reserve the right to cancel the sale for any reason. We do not accept e-checks.The item “Theracycle 100 Therapy Exercise Bike - FREE Shipping” is in sale since Wednesday, September 04, 2013. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Fitness, Running & Yoga\Cardio Equipment\Exercise Bikes”. The seller is “abilicize” and is located in Dubuque, Iowa. This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Brand: Theracycle
  • Model: Theracycle 100
  • Exercise Bike Type: Rehabilitation
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